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Six fun and interactive games to kick off any meeting, workshop or event.

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Participants use their creativity to tell the story in only 5-emojis, responding to prompt provided by the facilitator.

Default prompts include:
• Using 5-emojis tell us about your day so far
• Using 5-emojis, explain your career journey
• Using 5-emojis, tell us a movie and let the group guess what is

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What the Future!

Get in the futures-thinking mindset, by providing them with a random persona and a random scenario based on either a political, environmental, societal or technological future trend.

Default prompts include:
• How will the world look differently for this persona in this scenario?
• What are pros and cons for this persona in this scenario?
• How might the persona respond to this scenario?

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We all know the fun and power of gifs to tell a story. In this fun icebreaker, participants respond to a prompt with a gif found via the Giphy search engine.

Default prompts include:
• Use a gif to tell us you are feeling today?
• Use a gif to tell us about what you hope to achieve from todays experience?
• If you could be a superhero, what would you be?

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Silly Startups

Get the creative juices flowing by asking participants to come up with an innovative idea to solve a quirky problem for a specific customer.

Default prompts include:
• How could you solve this problem for this customer?
• Come up with a skit where the customer resolves this problem.
• Using the materials provided, develop a physical prototype of a product that would solve this problem for this customer.

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Nice to Meme You

See who is the master meme-lord, as participants pick from 100 popular Meme templates and create thier own customer meme in response to a prompt.

Default prompts include:
• Create a meme that explains how you feel today.
• Create a meme that shares a life lessons you have learned.
• Create a meme that shares a recent memory.
• Create a meme about your average day.

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Oh So Sketchy

Lean in to your creative side as participants draw their response to a fun prompt.

Default prompts include:
• Draw how you feel today.
• Draw a picture of your pet.
• Draw a favourite recent memory.
• Draw a 'day in the life' of you.

Ridiculously easy to use, no downloads required.

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Create a new session from one of the four available games. Use a default prompt or customise your own.

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Participants join the session by scanning a QR code or enterring a join code. Participants submit their nickname and start playing by responding to the prompt.

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See all responses on the facilitor's screen, or focus on specific responses to get the conversation going!

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Starter plan

  • Choose from four game modes
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Use default prompts only
  • Max 10 participants